Texas School District Sues Insurers Over Hurricane Hanna Coverage

The Edinburg school district sued a bundle of its insurance carriers last month, claiming that they failed to payout over $39 million for damage sustained during Hurricane Hanna.

The district is suing for the money it says it is owed and alleges -- among other things -- breach of contract and violations of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Zurich American Insurance Company, the lead underwriter, filed an answer to the suit this week denying the claims.

According to the district’s suit, in 2020 Hurricane Hanna damaged several district properties, ‘severely compromising roofs’ at some buildings.

Over two-dozen pages of photos detail damage the district says was caused by the hurricane: ceilings with damaged or missing tiles, light fixtures with water stains, ripped up flooring. They also show damaged roofs and HVAC units.

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