Disaster Preparedness For Remote Workers

As employees continue to work from home in either a full-time capacity or hybrid model, companies need to consider the rising risk of natural disasters.

When employees are expected to be productive from home, how are they to manage the demands of the ‘office’ after their property is severely damaged and their lives are disrupted?

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, the contiguous U.S. states suffered 20 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in 2021, just two events shy of the record set in 2020.

The United States is hardly alone -- globally, there were 47 billion-dollar natural catastrophes last year, as climate change fuels natural disasters with increasing frequency. The human toll is devastating.

These disasters continually cause more widespread destruction and damage, leaving some communities in ruin and millions of people facing physical peril as well as internet, power and other utility outages.

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